LaptopPerks.com is a service of Heartland Computers based in Sioux Falls, SD. We are the area’s largest seller of used/refurbished laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, and iPads. We are a real store with real people not some made-up website offering quick cash only to find out you’ve been hung out to dry.

We started this service when customers came into our store sharing with us the ridiculous trade-in prices some of the big box computer stores were offering them. One laptop we valued at $300 for a trade-in was worth only $65. Local Pawn shops too were not much better so in 2011 we started offering customers three options; trade it, sel it, recycle it. We’ll explain each:

Trade it is when the customer buys a computer from us and we give them a discount off the price for the trade-in. Often we will give a little more because naturally we will make money on the sale and on the trade-in.
Sell it is when we pay cash or check for a computer from the owner of the merchandise. We do not give as much as a trade-in but is a great option for customers who need fast money or just don’t need the computer.
Recycle it is a free service we offer for customers who own merchandise that just doesn’t have any value left. It’s a great service for those people who are doing some spring clean-up and don’t want to pay money to recycling centers. There are restrictions to what we can take, Click Here.

Our service has expanded with customers from all over the United States looking for someone who is honest and will give them a fair price for their laptop. There is a lot of what we call fly-by-night websites popping up all over the internet who offer cash for laptops. Most quote high prices but when they receive the item they will discount the price for one reason or another. Some even go so far as plaster their site with fake testimonials. And don’t fall for the pre-paid label; you’re actually paying for that too.

So who do you trust?

There are a number of things to look for in making sure something is legit. Is it a real company? Do they have a real phone number and not some 24 hour 800 number with someone from outside the U.S. answering? How long have they been in business? Where the business is physically located?

How can you trust LaptopPerks.com?

  1. We are located in the Heart of the United States. This area is known for honest hard working people and that describes us right down to our core.
  2. We are a Real Store with Real people. Call Us; you will not get someone from outside the United States and you can look up our store on Google Maps or other address verification websites.
  3. We Guarantee our service. Don’t like our final price? We’ll ship it back to you for FREE!

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