How it Works

Turn your device, broken or not, into CASH!

  1. Get a Quote Fast!
    Fill out this quick form and hit send. Within 24 hours you’ll receive an estimated quote.
  2. Mail Your Device or Visit Store!
    To lower our cost and offer you more we ask for you to ship your device to our facility. In our quote we’ll share with you the best ways to ship your item. Make sure to insure it for the value we estimated in our quote.
  3. Fastest Payment Possible!
    After we inspect the item we will send you an email to detail the items actual value. We will then send payment via PayPal the same day you confirm the sale of the device via email or we can mail you a company check.


Why Chose A Service of Heartland Computers

  • TRUST! – We are a Real store, with Real people, located in the heart of the United States; Sioux Falls, SD. We value our customers and will do everything possible to satisfy you.
  • QUALITY! – We are a computer store that knows exactly how to safeguard your data. Most places just use a devices factory restore setting that may not remove all your personal data and settings. Plus we are the only company we know that will provide you a back-up of your information or remove your hard drive for you and send it back if requested.
  • SERVICE! – We have the best trained technicians that will test your device thoroughly and give you a professional assessment. If your device is broken we’ll even let you know what is wrong give you a quote to fix it and perhaps save you money just by repairing it.
  • SUPPORT! – Have you ever noticed most websites either don’t have a phone number of hide them so well it’s impossible to find. It is as if they are trying to hide something! Not Heartland Computers. Our phone number is placed right at the top of every page, why? It’s our personal Heartland guarantee we are right there for you whenever you need us.


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Things to Consider

Don’t fall for the pre-paid label websites. Many websites offer this service; the reality is you will pay for it. Also many sites will offer you a dollar value but once they receive the item they will deduct from your quoted price claiming your product does not meet their standards. Then to receive the item back you will have to pay for shipping both ways with a service fee. With we stand by our quoted price and if for some reason a defect or error is found we will let you know and if you don’t like the value we assess we will mail it back for FREE!

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