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We offer more for your trade-in: laptop/desktop/ipad

Do you need more speed our just want a better computer? We understand. Heck every two years I upgrade mine, why? Very simple; Productivity! Time is money and newer faster computers can save you both time AND money. is a program of Heartland Computers that will offer you more money for your trade-in than any place in town. Plus with a large selection and low prices you can get the BEST deal in town. It’s simple too:

Fill out this form and hit send

Within 24 hours you’ll receive an estimated trade-in price and cash quote.

Mail Your Device or Visit Store

To lower our cost and offer you more we ask for you to ship your device to our facility. In our quote we’ll share with you the best ways to ship your item. Make sure to insure it for the value we estimated in our quote.

Tradein Steps

Fastest Credit or Payment

After we inspect the item we will send you an email to detail the items actual value. There will be two values;
Trade-in – where you get credit at our store or online
Cash – where you get payment via PayPal or company check.

How do we offer more?

Here’s an example: Using the big box geek stores online trade-in website on May 31, 2014 we used an Apple iMac 27″ Screen with Intel Core i5 Processor 4GB Memory (MC813LL/A). We selected ‘Good’ as the condition which is the highest we could select and found the estimated trade-in value to be a paltry $230. The exact same machine if brought to Heartland Computers on May 31, 2014 would be estimated to be worth $700 on a trade-in! Why anyone would use programs like these from box stores doesn’t make sense. Even if you don’t buy from us sell us your old computer and use the extra money you can get to buy an even better computer!

Slow PC

Extra Service We Provide:

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